Sunday, February 22, 2009

Next to Him

So one of the books I am processing is Nehemiah. Early in the book it talks about how bold this guy Nehemiah is. A little later there is an interesting phrase that keeps cropping up. Next to him. Early on it says that Nehemiah kept what he had in mind to himself. He didn't tell anyone. Then as the work begins there were lots of people involved.

Next to him. This person was working here and next to him this person was working here. Next to him another was working. This idea began in the heart of Nehemiah but within the first few chapters of the book there is a community project going on.

Who is next to you? Who do you need to be next to and who do you need next to you?

For us to do something remarkable it is going to take more than one guy with an idea. To get someone next to you the idea cannot remain yours. At some point others have to get involved. And they are going to have to be able to put their hands on it and make it theirs.

The end results are amazing. In Nehemiah the remarkable event was that the wall was built in an amazingly short period of time.

It happened because there were people next to him.

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