Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Time to Deal

If you are in any kind of leadership role (and you are) you will encounter an issue that you have to deal with that won't be pleasant. You are going to have to say hard things to the people you are leading. In Nehemiah one of these encounters takes place in Chapter 5.

The people are working themselves ragged but the leaders were basically making slaves of their countrymen. They were being forced to mortgage their assets and even their children to their fellow Jews.

Nehemiah deals with this head-on. He gathers the leaders in the room and deals.

"This isn't right." "What are you thinking?" "Make this situation right and do it quickly."

You are going to have to get your people around the table from time to time and deal. Maybe it isn't that your team is making slaves but maybe the team isn't functioning like it should. Maybe the direction is wrong. Maybe there are a couple of people on the team that have been undermining the vision.

It's time to deal. When it's time to deal it has to be in the context of vision and mission not just personal preferences. The goal has to be to get things moving in the right direction not just to have your way but don't shrink back. Is it time to deal?

Doing What You Know

I have been thinking, nay haunted, by this thought over the last few days.

What would my life look like if I did what I knew I should be doing?

If I never learned anything else and just operated my relationships, spirituality, health choices, finances and career based on the information I already have what would it look like?

The problem often isn't getting more information. There's something else missing. There's something missing that keeps all the information idle. And as long as knowledge is idle my life will look exactly like it does.

What would your life look like?