Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do You Start With a "No"?

I have noticed a tendency in myself to respond to new ideas from other people with a "no". Unless of course it was an idea or point of view that I already share. I have especially noticed this in areas that I have some experience. While on the surface it might seem like I am processing the idea I have already started with no.

Starting with no is a problem. Sure, there are things that you don't have to think about before you say no. Supersize it? No. Instant Coffee? No.

But when we start with no we are limiting our opportunities. Starting with a yes is a mindset issue. The final answer might still be no. And it might still be no quickly. But starting with a yes creates opportunities. While the idea might not be a good one, starting with a yes creates the opportunity to say, "No. But what if we took that idea and did this?"

Where do you start? Yes or No?

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