Thursday, March 12, 2009

Two Words

I haven't forgotten about the three part blog but I came up with this first so...

Did you know that the only two words that Pluto (from Disney) spoke were "Kiss Me". (Bet you didn't see that coming)

So I am staring at a Disney cup that we have that has that little tidbit and I started thinking what I would say if I only had two words. I thought about "Jesus Saves", "Love Jesus", "Jesus Loves". Then I thought about something that I could never say. "Follow Me". My life wouldn't hold up to that kind of scrutiny on my own with only those two words. Jesus' life did.

He often said "Follow me." If Jesus could only say two words I think that might have been all He would need. If people did that they would get it. The best that even Paul could say was, "Follow me as I follow Christ." Following Jesus would be the riskiest, costliest, most difficult, challenging adventure I could go on. If it isn't than I'm probably not following Him like I should.

So if I only had two words (and now I bet you wish this was the case) they would be "Follow Jesus". My hope is that if you aren't following Jesus that you will. If you are following Jesus I hope you would be able to say, like Paul, "Follow me like I'm following Jesus." And if people did it would be a good thing for people to see.

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